Jimmy Herring and the 5 of 7

Ardenland presents

Jimmy Herring and the 5 of 7

Nov 15 Friday

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Duling Hall

Jackson, MS

$35.00 - $40.00

Jimmy Herring and the 5 of 7
Jimmy Herring and the 5 of 7
Jimmy Herring
is no stranger to adventurous new environs: The North Carolina native
has fearlessly honed his now
formidable technique via stints with some of the giants of
improvised music
from his earliest days in the van with Col. Bruce Hampton and the Aquarium
scue Unit to high profile gigs with the Allman Brothers, The Dead, Project Z, Phil Lesh and
Friends, and his ongoing role as lead guitarist in Widespread Panic. He recently collaborated
with iconic guitarist John McLaughlin when Herring’s band The Invisibl
e Whip joined
McLaughlin’s 4th Dimension for an acclaimed run of shows celebrating the legacy of the
Mahavishnu Orchestra. This fall, Herring unleashes his latest visionary concept upon the world:
Jimmy Herring and The 5 of 7
While the Invisible Whip foc
used on the instrumental side of Herring’s musical persona, the
newly assembled
The 5 of 7
places his uniquely probing, responsive fretwork in the context of a
fronted, song
driven ensemble. At once accessible and provocative,
The 5 of 7
ring joined by bassist
Kevin Scott
, drummer
Darren Stanley
, longtime collaborator
on keyboards (Hammond B3, clavinet), and vocalist and guitarist
Rick Lollar
. “Rick,
Matt, and Kevin had a band together called King Baby,” explains Herring from h
is home in
Atlanta, “and I heard their record...I couldn’t help but think, man, if I could get together, play
some of Rick’s songs, some of my songs, some covers, and maybe write a few things together,
we may be on to something...”
“In addition to being a f
ine guitar player, Rick is a really powerful singer,” Herring continues.
“Some of his favorite singers are Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder, and those are some of
my favorites, too.” Supporting Lollar’s soulful vocals, Herring, Scott, Slocum, and Stanley
rovide a roiling sonic undercurrent drawing from all walks of their respective musical journeys
with one common thread: “We all have the Atlanta, Col. Bruce Hampton connection with each
other,” Herring says, acknowledging their shared roots in Hampton’s
spontaneous, dynamic,
and challenging groups. “That’s important to me because it’s such a different thing
if you’ve
been through that school, you want to play with people who have been through that too...you
understand how to think on your feet and ex
ist in the moment.”
From fatback, roadhouse R&B to more expansive, jazz
inflected explorations,
The 5 of 7
demonstrates Herrings chops not just as a musician, but as a bandleader and catalyst. The
novel vocal element is just one more texture at his dispos
al. “With instrumental music,” he
reflects, “people expect to hear your solos, but they’ve just heard you play the melody! You can
overexpose your voice. With Rick, I can play behind him, then step out with a solo, and give a
fresh feeling to the song
ake it to another place.”
Setting out on the road this September, Jimmy Herring is typically modest when describing what
audiences can expect from
The 5 of 7
: “There’ll be vocals, there’ll be instrumentals. There will
be funk and rock and roll, with some
songs leaning towards more sophisticated harmony...but,
to me, it’s just music.”
Venue Information:
Duling Hall
622 Duling Ave
Jackson, MS, 39216